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MADAG Printing Systems

Whether packaging or machine industry, automotive or medical branch; Madag Printing Systems is your competent partner and offers you a comprehensive range of hot stamping machines, which offer solutions for every individual challenge. Know-how and long-standing experience are the guarantors for quality and precision. Convince yourself of the customized variety of Madag hot stamping machines.

Madag Printing Systems is the leading manufacturer for automatic hot stamping machines. Our proven capacity for innovation allows us to find a flexible and reliable solution for every single requirement. A highly motivated team of specialists dedicated to reach the leading position in each market segment for hot stamping machines, is looking forward to informing you about the user-specific versatility of our systems. Benefit from our longstanding experience and know-how in various sectors.

Автоматическая машина горячего тиснения по водочным бутылкам Deco Roll XG-120 с производительностью 50 бутылок в минуту с круговым тиснением

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